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TEL electronics, inc. now provides high speed internet access and bandwidth management services to its customers. Leverage TEL's buying power to save more money on your internet services!

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High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

  • The combination of wired and wireless satisfies every guest
  • Business clients are productive and leave with an increasingly positive impression of the hotel
  • Value of rooms rises, allowing for higher room rates
  • Satisfied guests means repeat guests- which means higher revenue and profitability!

    Although most guests have wireless capability on their laptops, many companies, including government agencies, prohibit their employees from using wireless technology. Wired solutions from TEL provide the highest levels of speed and security, along with the following benefits:

  • Easy to Expand - Standards-based technology allows our interchangeable components to be supported by many companies. Thus, your infrastructure will be easy to expand and upgrade as your needs evolve. You won't be locked into a proprietary solution.
  • Easy to Use - All components that Single Digits employs allow for plug-and-play capability for your guests. They will get online fast and be productive while staying at your hotel.
  • Optimized for Guests - TEL leverages its partners' enterprise-level managed switches that include 802.1Q VLAN tagging and IEEE 802.1p priority queuing. This provides for greater network segmentation, security, traffic prioritization, and remote diagnostics. This gives our support team the ability to confirm your guest's link statuses, reset certain ports, monitor for virus-like activity and even adjust the speed of a certain port.
  • Built for Business - TEL's partner only uses enterprise-class hardware that can handle large amounts of data transmission and usage, and maintain extensive uptimes. Your guests will have no trouble downloading large corporate files and sending and receiving hundreds of emails.
  • Full Support - TEL's partner will provide your customers and staff with twenty-four hour support every day of the year. On average, 95% to 99% of your guests will be able to get online immediately. In the rare event of a problem, our support team can usually get your guest up and running within minutes.
  • Flexibility: Wired connections in every room doesn't mean your guests can't have wireless internet as well. A TEL hybrid solution allows for both!

A Typical HSIA Technology Implementation


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