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Call Accounting & Telecom Management Solutions

Product Information

U.S. Coast Guard:

"The United States Coast Guard has used your WIN-SENSE systems in over 70 locations for many years now. The WIN-SENSE is very reliable, easy to use and very reasonably priced. The features and reports provide much needed information for our operations. The WIN-SENSE allows the United States Coast Guard to track and analyze every incoming and outgoing call, imperative for daily operations, and for reporting and storing of vital information to help the Coast Guard carry out its complex mission.

With many communication problems and issues facing everyone all across the globe, the WIN-SENSE provides a sense of security for the United States Coast Guard as we seek to protect our citizens and country. Dependable and highly capable systems like the WIN-SENSE are needed by the Coast Guard as we carefully manage all of our communications to provide citizen alerts, answer distress requests, and carry out all kinds of voice and data activities related to our various United States Coast Guard “Ship & Shore” locations.

I highly recommend the WIN-SENSE for any military or other government operation. Based upon our own operational and administrative uses, I would recommend the WIN-SENSE for non-government businesses, also. Many thanks to TEL for providing top-of-the-line products that serve the United States Coast Guard so well."

Ray Snow
Enterprise System Engineer
Coast Guard Headquarters

To view a complete list of the changes from version 2.0 to 3.0, click here.

Call accounting software, such as the WIN-SENSE 32 version 3.0, is a popular call tracking solution for many businesses, assisted living centers, RV parks, hospitals, schools, and government organizations. Version 3.0 is the latest release of the popular business call accounting software from TEL electronics, inc. This Windows-based call management software works with most major phone systems to provide accurate call logging and telecom management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Features Include:

  • Detail and Summary Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Automatic Email of PDF Reports
  • Easy Scheduling of Reports
  • Client-Server Capabilities
  • Easy SMDR and Organization Setup
  • SMDR collection via IP, File, or Serial Connection
  • Works with Single or Multiple PBX Systems
  • Interfaces to Most PBX Systems (click for list)
  • Extension, Department, and Account Code Reports
  • Trunk Usage Reports
  • Phone Number or Area Code Reports
  • 911 and Other Alarms
  • Markup and Surcharge Capabilities
  • Ability to integrate with QuickBooks (learn more)

Basic WIN-SENSE 32 Setup

The diagram above is for a business with an internal network, where the server and the management computer are located in two different places (client-server relationship). For businesses without a network, the PBX would send SMDR data directly to the management computer where the WIN-SENSE 32 would be installed.

Multi-PBX Setup

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