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Testimonials & Customer Recommendations

I have been a WIN-SENSE user since 1997. Fortis Clearing America is a division of Fortis Bank. We lease office space for Fortis Bank to stockbrokers in Chicago and one of their amenities is telephone service. We use the WIN-SENSE to store, track, and charge the stockbroker for using the telephone when working their accounts.

The WIN-SENSE is a much different and better product than it was in 1997. I have kept my WIN-SENSE current by upgrading to the latest revisions every few years. The WIN-SENSE is a very user-friendly system and I have been very pleased with its operation and ease-of-use. I self-taught myself on the WIN-SENSE and because of its simple programmability and straight-forward manipulation of data, I have never needed any assistance from TEL. The WIN-SENSE is "INSPIRING" to me because it is so easy. I wish more software products were like the WIN-SENSE and I would highly recommend the WIN-SENSE to any company that is looking to keep in touch with their telephone use. I am fortunate to have found TEL's WIN-SENSE and I expect to be a WIN-SENSE fan for many years to come. Thanks for creating such a great product TEL!

Aaron Roberts
Telecommunications Manager
Fortis Clearing Americas LLC
Chicago, Illinois

"There are many benefits of your INN-FORM XL call accounting system, but I have two that really stick out for my property: MONEY and SECURITY.

MONEY: The INN-FORM XL is a great revenue source for my property (probably where my salary comes from?). Even in this age of cell phones and calling cards, the INN-FORM XL is a must have for my property adn I wouldn't operate without it. Every property should have the INN-FORM XL.

SECURITY: The INN-FORM XL allows me to go into my Property Management System (WINPM from Multi-Systems) and track any call that may have been made from any room at any time. I can trace where the call came from. This is invaluable for my local law enforcement, should I ever need to provide this information. Security is a major concern these days and the INN-FORM XL helps me rest at night.

I would recommend the INN-FORM XL for every hotel in the United States."

James Griffith
Assistant General Manager
Hyatt Place
Ballston Spa, New York

"We have worked with the TEL electronics' INN-FORM systems for many years and continue to be impressed by its dependability and capability in the hospitality market. Your product is and has always been easy to maintain, durable, and affordable. In an era of declining revenues, hotels can't afford to be constantly attending and spending money on maintaining equipment, but with TEL we continue to find the value of a low-maintenance workhorse call accounting system. TEL has developed and maintained a reputation for a fantastic product, great value, and outstanding reliability.

We appreciate your lasting commitment to the hospitality market and look forward to continuing to work with TEL electronics. Thank you for your support."

Trevor Warner
Warner Consulting Group
Columbus, Ohio

"I have been using the INN-FORM systems from TEL electronics, inc. since 1987! For over 22 years TEL has provided a great product, service and telephone call billing for my hotels. I use the INN-FORM in all of my 15 Choice properties (Rodeway; Econolodge: Quality Inn) and 1 Wyndham property (Days Inn). The INN-FORM system is crucial to the operation of my properties. The INN-FORM pays for itself many times over, even today when call volumes are down. The INNFORM also provides me with vital 911 emergency call notification and wake-up call verification. I am looking forward to the next 22 years of working with TEL. I highly recommend the INN-FORM system to any Choice or Wyndham property! Thanks TEL for making such a great product!"

Michael L. Allen
Allen Management

"I have been a TEL electronics' INN-FORM XL user for 18 years and I have been extremely happy and satisfied with your call accounting system. The INN-FORM XL has created revenue base for my property for a long, long time. I have probably paid for the system several hundred times over. Although the revenue on the system isn't as high as it has been in the past, it still makes me a good profit and works flawlessly with my Micros PM System. In the 18 years, I have not had one instance when I had to have your system worked on or serviced. I would recommend the INN-FORM XL to all properties and I welcom a call from any of your current or potential clients to discuss with me how GREAT the INN-FORM XL is! I will for sure ge a new INN-FORM XL, well, once this one dies. I am looking forward to our relationship over the next 18 years. I never heard of a computer lasting 18 years, much less working flawlessley for 18 years.. maybe you could give Microsoft, IBM, DELL, HP, and some other companies a few pointers? Thanks again TEL!"

Kirit Patel
General Manager
Holiday Inn Express
St. Augustine, FL

"I have been a TEL electronics' INN-FORM XL user for many, many years. Your system works very, very well and I have standardized on the INN-FORM XL for all of my properties. The flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use makes the INN-FORM XL a sure win with my General Managers and Front Desk Personnel.  I appreciate that the INN-FORM XL is a stand-alone hardware unit, so I don't have to worry about software changes, operating system changes or PC swap-outs. The INN-FORM XL works and works and works. I would recommend the INN-FORM XL for any property that wants a great system that will most likely outlast the next US President or two. Thank you TEL for providing such a great product for my properties."

Chuck Everett
Operations Manager
AmeriTel Inns

"The United States Coast Guard has used your WIN-SENSE systems in over 70 locations for many years now. The WIN-SENSE is very reliable, easy to use and very reasonably priced. The features and reports provide much needed information for our operations. The WIN-SENSE allows the United States Coast Guard to track and analyze every incoming and outgoing call, imperative for daily operations, and for reporting and storing of vital information to help the Coast Guard carry out its complex mission.

With many communication problems and issues facing everyone all across the globe, the WIN-SENSE provides a sense of security for the United States Coast Guard as we seek to protect our citizens and country. Dependable and highly capable systems like the WIN-SENSE are needed by the Coast Guard as we carefully manage all of our communications to provide citizen alerts, answer distress requests, and carry out all kinds of voice and data activities related to our various United States Coast Guard “Ship & Shore” locations.

I highly recommend the WIN-SENSE for any military or other government operation. Based upon our own operational and administrative uses, I would recommend the WIN-SENSE for non-government businesses, also. Many thanks to TEL for providing top-of-the-line products that serve the United States Coast Guard so well."

Ray Snow
Enterprise System Engineer
Telephony Coast Guard Headquarters

"I wanted to take a moment to recognize TEL electronics, inc as one of our longest participants in the Qualified Vendor Program. For over twenty-seven years TEL has provided Choice Hotels International properties with accurate, dependable and
reasonable call accounting systems.

We appreciate your commitment and dedication to the many Choice Hotels Franchisees that you currently work with and wish you continued success with your INN-FORM call accounting system."

Paul Payette
Senior Director, Franchisee Solutions
Choice Hotels International

"Looking for a better way to track the call activity at your property? Look no further than TEL electronics INN-FORM PLUS property Call Accounting System!"

Robert Ford
Marketing Manager
Cendant Corporation

"Tharaldson Enterprises is pleased with TEL's call accounting equipment and support. Your company has provided our 320+ properties exclusively for the past 10 years."
Bruce Thune
Telecom Director
Tharaldson Development
"It is difficult to standardize on any product in a Membership organization such as Best Western International. TEL has been a BWI preferred call accounting provider for many years and for good reason. Please use me as a reference for any future TEL customer."

Kathy Laughlin
Manager, Best Net Services
Best Western International

"Choice is pleased to have TEL in our Endorsed Vendor Partner Program. The main reason for TELs success with Choice is their quality and dependability of the products they sell and the service that is given after the sale. TELs products are also Profit Manager (Choices PMS) approved."

Donna Bachand
Dir.,Strategic Partners
Choice Hotels

"Resort Condominiums Incorporated (RCI) has selected TEL call accounting products as our telecom partner. TEL has superior technical support! TELs systems enable our resorts to bill, track and report on telephone calls made by guests to benefit and profit from guest telephone usage."
Jeff Parker
Director Operations
"It is often difficult to standardize on any product for all properties due to the range in size & needs! However, TEL's INN-FORM PLUS gives us the features we need for our largest properties while still being economical for even our smallest properties and your service has impressed us the most!"

Michael McKnight
Property Systems Manager
Westlodge Hospitality

"I am the General Manager for the Comfort Inn in Longmont, Colorado. I wasn't making the revenue I once was with call accounting because of cell phone use and calling cards, and yet I still had the monthly interface fee that my property management system provider was charging me. I finally decided to get rid of my call accounting system altogether.

I was without call accounting for about 6 months. The headaches I had from not being able to verify wake up calls was a huge pain and left me defenseless when dealing with guest complaints. Also, the local authorities were upset that 911 calls were being made from my rooms and upon their arrival I couldn't tell them which room had placed the call. Additionally, there was the revenue I miss from information calls, international calls, and some long distance calls. I thought call accounting wasn't worth having.. WAS I WRONG!"

Daniel Song
General Manager
Comfort Inn

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