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Foundation Goals

1. Assist responsible parties to learn about and monitor the rapidly expanding and exploding world of digital information.

2. Provide options for responsible parties in families, businesses, schools, governments, or any group, to monitor and learn about the information expansion at their own sites.

3. Protect the children, families, businesses, schools, and governments from harmful, inappropriate, objectionable, and pornographic information.

4. Assist repsonsible parties to focus on the good information, so we can improve ourselves, our families, our businesses, our schools, our government and our nation.

5. Provide methods for responsible parties to choose what information should be allowed and what should be limited or blocked at their own site; and to provide methods to implement those choices, based on:

6. Provide ongoing assistance for responsible parties as they determine what is appropriate, to learn about, choose, and implement changes in choices on new inforamtion types or sources.

the clean services foundation is a non-profit organization
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