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While the internet can be a wonderous place and technological advances can help improve our lives, there are real dangers out in cyber space. The Clean Services Foundation can help protect you, your loved ones, and your community from these dangers using advanced technology.

We "clean up" the internet streams before they enter your home or business, providing an unprecedented level of security and safety. Through this non-profit foundation we have brought together the best technology and helped integrate them into packages that can block unwanted material from your home or business computers. This service is available to anyone who wishes to stop the material that you don't want your family or employees to see. There is a package that will meet everyone's needs no matter what the size.

Utah's Governor Herbert, along with 61 mayors and city councils have all signed resolutions, proclamations, and a declaration supporting the communities' efforts to protect children, families and the community as a whole from inappropriate, objectionable, and pornographic materials. Senator Hatch, Senator Lee, and former Senator Bennett have all supported these efforts and have sent letters indicating their support. It's time to clean up the harmful material that can come into your home or business unchecked from the internet.

Join us and voice your support for this great cause!

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