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Call Accounting & Telecom Management Solutions

Call Accounting for Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

TEL's hospitality call accounting systems automatically post call records to property management systems, allowing properties to track phone calls, bill guests for phone usage, reduce telecommunication costs, and increase guest satisfaction. With almost 30 years of experience, TEL electronics, inc. understands the hospitality industry better than any other call accounting company and delivers a reliable, low-cost solution to all of your call tracking needs.

Hotels can...

  • Recover phone costs
  • Generate revenue with custom mark-ups and surcharges
  • Record calls in real-time
  • Detect misuse and abuse
  • Optimize phone system performance
  • Post calls automatically to the Property Management System
  • Allocate costs by department or extension
  • Set special phone rates for VIP guests
  • Decrease billing errors
  • Monitor wakeup calls (when set and if they were answered)




Generate Revenue

With TEL’s INN-FORM call accounting systems, properties can generate additional revenue and recover phone costs by adding surcharges, mark-ups, and taxes to guest bills. Threshold billing and onsite programming features allow hotels, motels, and resorts to customize phone charges based on a combination of flat fees, percentages, and per minute usage.

Revenue generated from the call tracking system can be used to cover other telecommunication costs, such as long-distance calls, equipment costs, line costs, and system service repairs.

Reduce Telecommunication Costs

TEL’s call logging products can help properties lower phone costs by tracking and recording all phone calls in real-time. By tracking phone calls, properties can detect misuse and abuse from administration extensions, accurately charge guests for phone usage, and optimize their phone system through trunk analysis reports.

Full audit trails and daily activity reports can quickly show managers which calls have been posted to the Property Management System (PMS) and which ones have not. If the PM System goes down, properties can continue to bill clients directly from the call accounting system and once up again, managers can generate custom reports to help reconcile the PMS with the call accounting system.

Decrease Training Time

TEL’s hospitality call accounting systems interface to virtually all Property Management Systems and to most phone systems. Setup and installation is quick and easy, allowing properties to get up and running as soon as possible. All calls are automatically posted to the PMS and reports can be generated with the click of a button. A simple interface, help features, and online support are also available to further decrease training time. For properties without a PMS, TEL’s products can be used as a complete billing package for guests.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Increase guest satisfaction by decreasing billing errors, providing discounts for VIP guests, and making sure wakeup calls are made at desired times. Using a call accounting system from TEL, properties have a detailed record of all phone activity in a given room and as a result can double check all guest bills and thus decrease billing errors.

TEL’s INN-FORM products further allow properties to set custom rates for special guests, groups, owners, and long-term residents. By offering special rates or discounts, guests feel a sense of loyalty to the property and are more likely to visit again. Additionally, properties can produce audit reports showing when wakeup calls were set and if they were answered or not. This provides a record to prevent any misunderstandings and can ensure that customer service is at its highest.

*Certain products do not include some of the features described above.

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TEL products are used in the following hotels and resorts:

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