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Holiday Inn Express:

"I have been an INN-FORM XL user for 18 years and have been extremely happy and satisfied with your call accounting system."

Kirit Patel
Holiday Inn Express of St. Augustine, Florida

Hampton Inn:

"My property makes about $300 per month on the INN-FORM XL and it is the only telecommunications equipment that actually pays for itself."

Devin Slorah
General Manager
Hampton Inn of Lehi, Utah

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Because area codes, telephone numbers, and dialiing patterns are constantly changed and updated in North America and throughout the world, TEL recommends that you update your system annually.

With annual upgrades you can be confident that your call accounting system is accurately billing calls, accounting for new area codes and prefixes, and includes all of the lastest features and functionality of new models and releases.

Reasons to Upgrade:

  1. New Area Codes. If an area code is added to your state, your system will print "out-of-state" toll calls for these in-state calls. With an out-of-date system, properties will be forced to write off inaccurate calls and lose revenue as well as pay for the actual cost of calls.
  2. New Prefixes. Thousands of new local, extended, or long distance prefixes are added to the United States every month. Additionally, international codes and prefixes are changing all of the time. Without updating your system, your property will not accurately account for these changes.
  3. Property Name Change. The call accounting system prints the property name in certain call activity reports. In the event that a property changes its name, the property must upgrade their system to account for the new name.
  4. New Phone System. Because call accounting systems are designed to interface with the phone system that they are setup with, when a property changes their phone system thay may also need to upgrade their call accounting system.
  5. New Property Management System. Call accounting systems are programmed for PMS or non-PMS environments. If a new PMS is added or replaced, the system should be upgraded to ensure accurate postings to the new PMS.
  6. New Dialing Patterns. With the addition of 10-digit dialing, extended calling areas, 7-digit toll call dialing, and numerous other special area dial patterns, upgrading your call accounting system is essential for accurate billing and added revenue.
  7. Additional Features and Functionality. As the call accounting systems are updated and changed, new features and functions become available to help track and report calls more efficiently.



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