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Call Accounting & Telecom Management Solutions

Product Information

WIN-SENSE 32 Features:

The WIN-SENSE 32, a suite of software applications that collect, analyze, and report on telephone activity, provides the latest, most comprehensive features for analyzing the operation and use of telephone systems in today's modern world. The WIN-SENSE 32 is powerful, flexible, and user-friendly!

To view a complete list of the changes from version 2.0 to version 3.0, click here.

  • Multiple SMDR input capabilities: RS-232 serial connection, IP connection, ASCII file
  • Automatic email of PDF reports
  • Easy scheduling of reports
  • Works with single or multiple PBX systems and/or locations
  • Modular system
  • Interfaces to most PBX systems (click for list)
  • On-line user manual, on-screen help menu
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Allows users to export call records to ASCII or CSV files
  • Operates on LAN or on standalone PC (Client-Server capabilities)
  • Accurate call costing based on AT&T tariffs
  • Real time call processing and reporting
  • Real time potential toll fraud alarm
  • Non-intrusive interface to PBX/KSU (will not cause interference with other equipment)
  • Traffic analysis of trunk and phone lines
  • Add, reconfigure, view, and reassign trunk groups to match PBX or CBX
  • Simultaneous processing of reports, data collection, and other applications (no need to dedicate a PC to just call accounting)
  • Setup application establishes global parameters and system setting for call processing and reporting
  • Complete control over Call Detail Recording (CDR) by collecting data from PBX or CBX
  • Number of call records stored is only limited by available hard disk space
  • Immediate notification of 911 calls upon hang-up
  • Custom alarms
  • Markup and surcharge capabilities
  • Detail and Summary Reports (click to view complete list)

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