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Call Accounting & Telecom Management Solutions

Product Information

WIN-SENSE 32 Reports:

The WIN-SENSE 32 has over 50 standard reports, in detail and in summary forms, on all telephone activity by extensions, cost-centers, departments, trunks, account codes, call types, most expensive calls, longest calls, incoming calls, frequently dialed numbers, exception reports, and many, many more!

View the Cutting Telecom Costs presentation to see how WIN-SENSE 32 reports can help your company save money.

Detail Reports

  • Extension
  • Department
  • Most expensive calls
  • Frequently called area codes and exchanges
  • Phone numbers
  • Area codes
  • International calls
  • Date and time
  • Account codes
  • Longest calls
  • Daily exceptions
  • Incoming caller ID
  • Most active extensions by calls or cost
  • Custom report generator
  • Trunk usage

Summary Reports

  • Extension
  • Area code
  • Department
  • Trunk group usage
  • International
  • Account codes
  • Class
  • Phone numbers
  • Area codes
  • Number of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Total time of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Average time of incoming and outgoing calls

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